Modified: Monday, January 19, 2004


Spice Modeling

If you need any models generated, we can do that for you, using MODPEX.

Even if you already have a copy of MOPEX, you might not have the time or manpower to produce the models that you need. Or, you might need the quickly. Call us for your needs.

(800) 357-1636 within the US, or (708) 366-4411


License transfers

If you have updated your hardware recently, you may have realized that your copy of MODPEX no longer operates. This may be due to the fact that the license manager was locked to a given machine id, and that machine is no longer on the network.

You need to transfer the license, or recreate the existing license server. We can help you with this. Call or send an email.


Spice Modeling Classes

These classes cover what spice is, the different kind of models, and how to generate them. Of course, to use them you'll probably need some symbols and you need to install and configure the models and symbols into the software.

We can show you how to do this, or, if you want us to generate the symbols and library files, we can do that, too.